Cement Plant
in Sterlitamak
Cement Plant
in Novogurovsky
Cement Plant 
CEM I 52,5NCEM I 52,5NCEM I 42,5N
(for road surface & concrete products)
CEM II/A-S 42,5NCEM I 42,5NCEM I 42,5N
CEM II/B-S 42,5NCEM II/A-S 42,5NCEM II/A-S 32,5R
Oil-well IПЦ 500-Д0-Н CEM II/B-S 42,5N
Oil-well IICEM III/A 32,5R 
(cement for asbestos cement products)
Cement Terminal
in Kaliningrad
Cement Terminal
in Murmansk
CEM I 52,5RCEM I 52,5N
CEM I 42,5R
CEM I 42,5RR
CEM II/A-V 42,5R

Cement is the most common binder which provides an opportunity to make products and structures of the highest strength. Cement is the output of highly fined grinding of clinkering products of marl - one of the clay types or mixture of limestone and clay.

The binder on the Portland cement basis has the ability to harden both in open air and in water. Various types of cement with the specific compositions should be used for different applications. Cement properties can be modified depending on type and quantity of additives.