HeidelbergCement has been built through the character of its people. That character is reflected in the company’s values, which have been fundamental to our corporate history for more than 140 years. Our continued success depends on each one of us doing our part to uphold these values in our day-to-day work and in all the decisions we make. Therefore all employees of HeidelbergCement in Russia are committed to lawful and ethical conduct. 

Our shared values of high ethical and legal standards for all our business activities are reflected in our Code of Business Conduct and Leadership Principles. Please use them as a sort of compass which will always show you the direction to act in the right way.

All HeidelbergCement employees must comply not only with the letter but also with the spirit of our Compliance Guidelines. Managers have the additional responsibility of fostering a culture, in which compliance with HeidelbergCement Policies and Guidelines and with the Laws of the Russian Federation is at the core of our business activities. Living high ethical and legal standards in all our business activities is fundamental for the future success of HeidelbergCement and its employees. 

The key topics of Compliance within HeidelbergCement
in Russia are:

Compliance with all applicable laws in the Russian Federation

Legal compliance is one of our primary duties. This refers to all internal Policies and Guidelines of HeidelbergCement in Russia and to the laws of the Russian Federation on competition and labor law, workplace safety, corruption and others.

Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery

HeidelbergCement in Russia will never tolerate any form of corruption. No employee of HeidelbergCement shall utilize bribery and corruption in conducting business. Nor shall any employee offer, provide or accept, either directly or indirectly, any undue pecuniary or other advantage for the purpose of obtaining, retaining, directing or securing any improper business advantage.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest exists when an employee’s private interest is in conflict with the interests of the company in a given professional engagement. In all situations in which outside activities, personal or financial interests may conflict with those of HeidelbergCement, all employees are expected to fully disclose them.

Benevolent working environment

HeidelbergCement in Russia is committed to fair employment practices and to following the applicable labor and employment laws of the Russian Federation. HeidelbergCement in Russia is determined not to tolerate any prohibited or unlawful discrimination, harassment or offence. We ensure an honest and fair interaction with our employees’ representatives.

Environment, occupational Health & Safety

HeidelbergCement in Russia is committed to comply with all applicable environmental laws, standards and requirements and takes a proactive and long-term view on environmental matters. Health & Safety is an integral part of all our business activities. It is the responsibility and duty of each and every employee to take care of Health & Safety measures, to follow all relevant rules, regulations and work instructions and to use appropriate personal protective equipment as required by the laws.
For further details see the attached documents

Supplier Code of Conduct

It is the policy of HeidelbergCement in Russia to formally request that all our suppliers respect the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct and adopt practices that are consistent with it. Building from our Code of Business Conduct, our Supplier Code of Conduct seeks compliance with international social accountability standard SA 8000 and environmental standard ISO 14001 and the principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in our upstream supply chain.

The topics of the Supplier Code of Conduct of HeidelbergCement
in Russia are:

Working Conditions/Labor

Suppliers must not use child labor in any stage of manufacturing. Any form of forced or compulsory labor must not be used. Suppliers are expected to adhere to the right of employees to freedom of association. Workers should have safe and healthy working conditions.

Environmental Standards

Supplier operations will be carried out with care for the environment. All products and services will be delivered to meet the environmental, quality and safety criteria.

Business Ethics

Business will be conducted with integrity. There will be no payments, services, gifts, entertainment or other advantages offered or given to any employee or third party of HeidelbergCement in Russia which are intended to influence the way in which the employee or third party HeidelbergCement in Russia goes about his or her duties. There will be respect for human rights. Harassment or discrimination against employees in any form is not acceptable. It is expected that direct suppliers of HeidelbergCement in Russia will take responsibility to require adherence to the principals of this Supplier Code of Conduct from their direct suppliers. 

Suspected Violations 

All employees of HeidelbergCement in Russia and all suppliers may submit any concerns regarding non-compliant behavior, either to applicable laws or to internal regulations of HeidelbergCement in Russia, to HeidelbergCement Compliance Manager Russia via or by telephone: +7 (985) 803 44 81.
Confidentiality is guaranteed. 

Dr. Christian Becker

Compliance and Security Manager Russia
+7 (495) 505 68 00
+7 (985) 803 44 81
+7 (495) 505 68 05
43 B. Serpukhovskaya str.


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