Grazing Project

What is the connection between cement production and grazing? However these two completely different spheres can be easily combined into one curious project, if a cement company’s activity is based on the principles of environmental protection and economic efficiency.

The idea of grazing project creation at the territory of the quarry appeared when the issue of temporary shutdown of Gerhausen quarry close to Blaubeuren, Germany appeared. Development of the quarry will be freezed for many years, however the company is obliged to keep its vegetation in appropriate condition. This was the way for grazing project to appear. Taurus cattle and Konik horses were brought to the quarry to control the amount of the vegetation on the quarry in the most economically efficient and environmentally friendly way. The team of specialists controls the cattle population and cares of their health. Although the level of human disturbance is lowered to minimum, local people have a possibility to watch the animals from the specially arranged observation points. Moreover, the creative approach of solving a typical industrial issue draw attention of the stakeholders to the project.

HeidelbergCement in Russia decided to take over the successful experience of creation of grazing project in Germany. Proper conditions will be made to create the similar project at the territories close to Gurovsky quarry. There were chosen appropriate breeds which will survive at the climate and the future grazing lands were prepared.

It’s known that the development of Gurovsky quarry will last for some 40 years more. We hope that this experimental project will become an example of successful combination of economic effectiveness and caring about nature.

Vyacheslav Churikov

Project Manager
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