17 November 2016

The national ceremony of the 3rd round of the Quarry Life Award contest in Russia

The national ceremony of the 3rd round of the Quarry Life Award contest in Russia was held in Tula State University on November 15, 2016. 5 teams, whose project proposals were selected out of 30, presented the results of their research. 
Teams were having access to the quarries during six months to carry out their research which resulted in the final reports. All projects turned out to be very different and it was difficult to distribute prizes, because all of them were made at a high level and showed a great amount of work done.
As a result, the prizes were distributed as follows:

1st place (5000 euro) - Project “Biodiversity in space and time” by Yanina Dmitrakova, Pechurki quarry;
2nd place (3000 euro) - Project “DNA barcoding in algae is a first stage of the research of the quarry biodiversity and monitoring” by Evgeny Maltsev, Gurovsky quarry;
3rd place (1500 euro) - Project “Vertebrates at the quarry: current state and future trends for settlement of the territory” by Anna Ufimtseva, Pechurki quarry;

Project “Ground invertebrates like bioindicators in the quarries” by Viner Khabibullin, Shah-Tau quarry, and project “Environmental education in the Gurovsky quarry” by Yury Ermolaev, Gurovsky quarry, that have not received prizes were also awarded for their contribution to the contest development. The jury noted a high level of implementation of all projects that participated in this round of the Quarry Life Award.
To learn more about the projects please click the link http://www.quarrylifeaward.com/participating-projects?field_contest=19 
Congratulations to the winners and much thanks to all participants for their responsible attitude to nature and for the work done!

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