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High quality and comprehensive service for our clients are the basics for the sales of our products. We are your strong and reliable partner due to longstanding competence and experience especially in the fields of technique and sales. As a subsidiary of the global market leader in aggregates HeidelbergCement we are aware of our responsibility towards our clients. The key task and mission of our company including its Sales Department is to achieve customer satisfaction. Any customer can in any case get our assistance, support and consulting. 

HeidelbergCement in Russia is a supplier of heavy building materials to Russian construction industry with a focus to different types of high-quality cement, crushed limestone and mineral powder. The Company operates 3 cement plants in Russia with the total capacity of 4,6 mln tonnes: Cesla cement plant in the Leningrad region, cement plant in the city of Sterlitamak, the Republic of Bashkortostan, and greenfield cement plant inaugurated in 2011 in Novogurovsky settlement in the Tula region. HeidelbergCement in Russia also runs cement terminals in Kaliningrad and Murmansk and aggregate production in Novogurovsky settlement. 

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Cement Plant
in Sterlitamak
Cement Plant
in Novogurovsky
Cement Plant 
CEM I 52,5NCEM I 52,5NCEM I 42,5N
(for road surface & concrete products)
CEM II/A-S 42,5NCEM I 42,5NCEM I 42,5N
CEM II/B-S 42,5NCEM II/A-S 42,5NCEM II/A-S 32,5R
Oil-well IПЦ 500-Д0-Н CEM II/B-S 42,5N
Oil-well IICEM III/A 32,5R 
(cement for asbestos cement products)
Cement Terminal
in Kaliningrad
Cement Terminal
in Murmansk
CEM I 52,5RCEM I 52,5N
CEM I 42,5R
CEM I 42,5RR
CEM II/A-V 42,5R


Crushed limestone fraction 5-20 mm

Crushed limestone fraction 20-40 mm

Crushed limestone fraction 40-70 mm

Flux crushed stone fraction 40-70 mm

Cement Plant  "Cesla"

Nonactivated mineral powder MP-1

Nonactivated mineral powder MP-1

Nonactivated mineral powder for concretes

Dolomitic mineral powder​