The Quarry Life Award

A mining site provides a great variety of landscapes and habitats. As a leading cement and aggregates producer, HeidelbergCement is committed to managing biodiversity during and after extraction. In more than 1000 quarries and pits worldwide we strive to promote the exceptional local flora and fauna. Through The Quarry Life Award and the participating projects, we aim to raise the knowledge of the biological value of mining sites and contribute to further enhancing it.

The Quarry Life Award contest was inaugurated in 2011 to spotlight how HC mines can contribute to environmental protection. The contest holds every two year among representatives of different countries, who create projects on HeidelbergCement quarries to enhance biodiversity in quarries.

In 2014, the second round of the contest took place among representatives of 22 countries of HeidelbergCement presence. Nearly 400 proposals were submitted to the website, of which 95 were selected for the competition at National and International levels. The rules are equal for all countries and the contestants are competing in equal conditions. Criteria for projects evaluation is known in advance. The contestants propose project ideas according to the contest conditions, current issues of the competing quarry, as well as basing on the overall value of the project for the Nature conservation.

The contest takes place simultaneously at both levels – National and International. All contestants have a chance to win both National and International prizes.

National prizes
  • 1st place – 5 000 Euro
  • 2nd place – 3 000 Euro
  • 3rd place – 1500 Euro

Every competing project has a possibility to win one of 5 nominations of International level of the contest in amount of 10 000 Euro. A Grand Prize of 30 000 Euro is awarded to the best overall project. However, as the slogan of the Quarry Life Award sounds - Nature is the biggest winner.All projects that took part at The Quarry Life Award are available at the official website of the contest.  Please learn more at!

HeidelbergCement in Russia is cooperating with the leading Russian Universities in frames of the contest. Among them is Tula State University, Tula State Pedagogical University named after L. Tolstoy, Bashkir State University, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Affiliate of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University in Sterlitamak, Saint- Petersburg State University. We are happy to expand the list and invite more and more students to take part at  The Quarry Life Award contest.

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Partnership with BirdLife International

HeidelbergCement cooperates with such well-known conservation organizations like BirdLife International. In terms of the mutually beneficial cooperation, several projects were accomplished which allow to increase the population of many bird species, including those that are in the list of distinguishing species. Learn more about HeidelbergCement and BirdLife International partnership…